The Praction Platform

Your automated
Chief Revenue Officer

Get tailored playbooks for every team and growth stage, continuously monitor your biggest risks, and see exactly how to fix revenue leaks.

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Get detailed GTM diagnostics & a custom growth plan 🔮

Praction combines the science of data-based assessments with the art of proven playbooks to show you exactly where your teams are functioning properly — and where they're off track.


See the actual likelihood of meeting your targets 🎯

Praction offers visibility into your GTM engine and provides action steps to take so your goals will match reality, powered by:

  • Revenue Guide that tells you if you're on track to win
  • Team Readiness dashboard for tracking operations
  • Customized recommendations for fixing risks

Get notified when metrics are in 💀the danger zone💀

Praction’s alerts lets you know if certain teams haven’t taken action on their playbooks, or when the data doesn’t look good — so you can take decisive action without delay.


Use your favorite tools to scale faster 🚀

Pull data directly from HubSpot or Salesforce CRM and get alerts in Slack, so you can address business risks before they become business problems.

Our customers love:

Sales Process Auditing

Systematically analyze all of your sales procedures, workflows, and team performance to find invisible inefficiencies that are creating lost opportunities and wasting resources.

Advanced Customer Journey Mapping

Enter the customer's mind and learn how to improve engagement, enhance conversion rates, and build loyalty by creating personalized omnichannel experiences.

Identifying Churn Indicators

Use a cutting-edge, data-driven method to predict when customers are likely to churn, then become proactive CS experts to save existing business and drive expansion revenue.

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